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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Half Way Home

I used to hate to knit sleeves. At least, sleeves I was trying to design myself. I like set-in sleeves; sleek, elegant. But trying to add sleeves to a vest pattern, or knitting a basic cardigan body then adding sleeves, never worked out quite as I had planned. Or didn't plan, which seems to have been the problem; sleeves that fit properly into a shaped armscye must be planned. The best article I have ever read on shaping the cap for fit in sleeves was printed in the Interweave Knits magazine from Winter 2007. That article changed my approach to set in sleeves; how to design them, how to knit them. And I've had very little problem since.

The sleeves for the Brenda Cardigan can be knit flat, but I prefer to knit in the round using the Magic Loop method. Knitters choice. The photo shows one sleeve done and sewn in.

Next week, the finished sweater. Shortly thereafter I'll print the whole pattern.


  1. You are just amazing!

    I used that sleeve cap article recently also, to good effect.

  2. Unbelievable, you have done a fantastic job. I wants a copy of the pattern I do.. HUZZAH!!!!!